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Max Fordham


Max Fordham are a very interesting client; bringing ‘buildings to life with beautiful engineering’.  They are leaders in the environmental building services industry; engineering buildings that work better for those who use them.  “Increasingly, it’s an industry referred to as environmental engineering, and we’re very comfortable with that. Where once the engineer’s lot was ‘pipes and wires’, now it encompasses everything from façade performance and acoustics to building physics and sustainability. In essence, everything that impacts on the internal environment of a building and its performance.”


“What is Beautiful Engineering to you?

A sunlit office that’s just the right temperature. A museum where even the ventilation grilles are elegantly detailed. Perhaps a classroom where the teacher can be heard but the road outside can’t. Or maybe you find satisfaction in a well-planned plant room.” 




Scope of Work:

We are delighted to be carrying out extensive plumbing works at the Max Fordham Head Office in London.  With their prestigious background, we are pleased to be providing our Project Management and engineering capabilities to them.

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